Bay View, WI Real Estate

Bay View, Wisconsin Real Estate

Overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan, Bay View is a neighborhood located on the southeast shore of Milwaukee. A lovely spread of luxurious lakefront houses and quaint bungalows adorn its street sides. Many residents of Bay View argue that the neighborhood is not necessarily defined by boundaries, but more a state of mind influenced both by Lake Michigan and a sense of strong communion.


Bay View is well known for its charming events – South Shore Frolic, Bay View Bash and South Shore Farmers’ Market, to name a few. The South Shore Frolic is a free, three-day event held in Bay View and is one of the oldest annual festivals in Milwaukee. It includes food, beer, live music, games, movies on the beach, an art show, a fish fry, classic auto show, parade and atomic fireworks. The Bay View Bash is an event held to celebrate and promote the neighborhood of Bay View. It is Milwaukee’s largest and only 100% volunteer-run festival.

The South Shore Farmers’ Market is held each Saturday from June to October and features fresh, locally grown produce to Bay View residents and visitors. At the event, more than 40 vendors offer vegetables, flowers, fruits, bakery, jellies, handmade soaps and oils, soups, mustards and other items to an average of 1800 customers each year.

One of the more prominent recreational organizations in the area is the South Shore Yacht Club, which has grown to be one of the largest yacht clubs in Wisconsin. It hosts the Queen’s Cup, which is one of the oldest known cups in world yachting still offered for competition each year.


Bay View became the first suburb of Milwaukee in 1879 when it was incorporated as a village. It was later annexed in 1887, making it a part of the city of Milwaukee.

Many of the cottages of Bay View’s early years are still occupied today and are a part of the diverse architecture of the Bay View neighborhood.

The Lake Shore Railroad was completed in 1855 to provide a connection between Milwaukee and Chicago. Its first train depot in the Milwaukee area was located on South Bay Street in Bay View.


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