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Real Estate Terms First Time Home Buyers Should Know

Appraisal A real estate appraisal is the expert opinion of a certified, state-licensed professional who will evaluate and determine the value of a property. This process usually involves comparisons to recent sales of similar properties. This data determines how much …
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Keep Your Home Ready to Show with Five Simple Tips!

When selling your home your Shorewest, REALTOR® may bring prospective buyers by for a showing at any point. They will give you as much notice as possible but sometimes it may be short notice due to scheduling conflicts. This means …
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Resource Video: Millennial Homeowners

Rent vs. Buy – Millennial Homeowners  Have you ever wondered whether or not you should be buying or renting? With student loan debt it may seem like renting is the easier option. However take a listen to our own Shorewest …
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Resource Video: Homeowners Edition

Dangers of Not Replacing a Dead Tree Today’s video centers on replacing a dead tree in your yard. While they are unsightly they are also highly dangerous. If one falls in your yard it could cause injury or even death. …
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Should You Do A Short Sale in 2012?

Many homeowners are “under water,” meaning they owe more on their mortgage than their house is currently valued at. Some homeowners are choosing to wait for property values to return to normal levels, but others cannot wait for that to …
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