Shorewest Shares: How To Stay Safe At Home

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Your home should always make you feel safe, and you can keep your home safe without an expensive home security system. Here are some tips to stay safe at home:

• Know who’s there — install a peephole. A peephole lets you see who’s there, without opening your door. If your home already has a peephole, make sure you can clearly see out of it. Strangers can hide slightly out of view, making them hard to identify.

• Protect your mail. To keep your mail safe, install a security mail box. As mail theft continues to be a growing problem, unsecured mail boxes are easy targets.

• Install a small safe. Install a small safe to the floor or wall to safely secure your valuables. You can also put important paperwork in your safe, too.

• Add inexpensive door and window alarms. Make sure your doors and windows always stay locked. Wireless alarms are activated by doors or windows opening.

• Put motion detector lights anywhere. Motion detector lights are a proven crime deterrent. Attach the lighting unit to the house or outbuilding.

• Secure patio doors. As patio door locks are easy to pick, placing a heavy duty stick in the door track will keep the door closed. Adding another lock to the door can also make it more difficult to get in.

• Strengthen the doorjamb. Remove the ¾ inch screws from the strike plate and drill pilot holes into the framing behind the jamb. Then drive in 3 inch screws to anchor the strike plate to the framing. You can also replace outside doorjambs.

• Check your garage door. An old wooden garage door can easily be kicked in by thieves. Add a plywood reinforcement panel and secure it in.

• Shred papers to protect your identity. Shred all personal papers, including credit card offers, bank statements and bills.

• Add video surveillance. Place video cameras by windows and doors. Most burglars won’t take the time to figure out if the camera is real —they will just avoid the house.

It’s important you stay safe in your home. Contact your Shorewest, REALTOR if you want a professional to help make sure your home is safe.

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