New Campaign Aims To Help Parents Select Correct Car Seat

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Keeping your children safe in a vehicle is something that every parent wants. Shorewest Insurance offers these great tips for selecting the proper car seats.

From rear-facing to forward-facing, convertible to all-in-one, selecting a child safety seat isn’t exactly a paint by numbers process. There’s a litany of choices, and the right one depends on a variety of variables, like child age, sizeĀ and height, not to mention if the seat will even fit the car correctly. The rigmarole of it all is enough to leave one with a headache, and its part of the reason why many parents wind up choosing the wrong seat.


Fortunately, the government has recently launched a campaign that may help simplify the process. It’s called “Find The Right Seat,” and it’s the latest safety initiative implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The campaign is about much more than making the buying process easier for parents; it’s also about ensuring that their most precious cargo is protected from harm in the event of a car accident. It’s estimated that nearly 60% of car seatsĀ are misused, NHTSA reports. Additionally, in cases when young children have been killed in automobile crashes, 33% were unbuckled at the time.

“The right car seat can keep kids safe, and that’s what we all want for our children,” Lisa Sherman, CEO for the Ad Council and the campaign sponsor explained. “It’s not enough for parents to think they know which car seat is right for their children; they need to know for sure.”

“This campaign is about life, about dreams,” said Weinstock. “It is a plea to parents and caregivers in the present in order to ensure our children’s future. Although the statistics about the deaths and injuries caused by crashes are scary, we don’t want to scare parents, we want to inspire them.”

Overwhelming majority of Americans are buckling up

Supporters of the campaign are hopeful that “Find The Right Seat” will bring the seat belt use rate up to new heights in the coming years for adults and children alike.

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For more, visit the campaign’s website at

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