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First impression…..quick……don’t have one? You are not alone.  Unless you are from the Midwest, you probably don’t know much about our (great) city.  Listen to what these Medical College of Wisconsin graduate students discovered… Posted by:  Deborah Benavides

Splashing into (Saltwater) Swimming Pool Season

Usually, our heated pool is opened by April 15th and closes after a seven month season by November 15th.  This year, we got a late start with the cooler weather here in the Midwest, but are making up for the …
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Making Your Top 10 Wish List During a Relocation

Buying a house across town versus across country may present a different set of criteria when choosing a home. For instance, you will already be familiar with roads and highways when moving across town, but not in a relocation situation. …
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Cooler Near the Lake

Yesterday, I was setting up an appointment with a client who wanted to meet outdoors to take advantage of the sunny afternoon.  I called a few restaurants to make sure their patio seating was open for the season.  Thinking that it …
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Your Guide to Milwaukee Area Communities

I receive many calls from newcomers who want to find out more about a particular community in the Metro Milwaukee area – and don’t know where to find it. So, let me share a great resource with you. Click here …
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