Why you need Shorewest

Don’t go it alone. Take advantage of the skills and experience of a Shorewest sales associate.

The industry’s best people. The industry’s best tools.

The prospect of buying a home can seem overwhelming. All the more reason you need an experienced partner at your side. Every Shorewest sales associate goes through a rigorous, mandatory training program. Widely recognized as "the best of the best," our dedicated professionals are frequent recipients of some of the industry’s top honors and designations.

Shorewest is number one in total sales—and market share. Part of that success can be attributed to the innovative resources and technology we offer to help you find a home. Here are just a few tools you can access:

  • Bilingual Real Estate Hotline – This 24-hour service allows callers to hear detailed descriptions of all our listings in English and Spanish.
  • The Internet: shorewest.com – Our site provides a detailed description of over two million listings—nationwide—including exterior and interior photos.
  • Guided Home Tours™ – Allows customers to explore the properties inside and out with an impressive audio/visual slide show.
  • myShorewest – Find your home faster with our automated home finder. Simply enter your search criteria, and receive e-mail updates when new listings match.
  • Shorewest TV On Demand – View narrated video tours of Shorewest properties for sale on our interactive, ShorewestTV On Demand website. Simply go to www.shorewest.tv and choose the search criteria to get started.
  • Relo® Home Search – Our partner for national home searches, Relo® connects you to the widest selection of homes in a variety of price ranges.

Why buying beats renting.

Buying a home is an exciting experience—not to mention a challenging one. But in the long run it’s also the wisest choice for many reasons. Compared with renting, home ownership offers many advantages beyond the pride that comes with owning your home and living the American Dream.

Buying your Home
  • Mortgage interest is tax deductible.
  • Real estate taxes are deductible.
  • Ownership builds equity, so you can one day ™move up™ to another home, with a good down payment on hand.
  • Mortgage payments, unlike rent, usually remain stable.
  • Home ownership improves your credit rating.
  • A home often appreciates in value.
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