Molly Judge

Broker Associate


Molly is an experienced and tenacious agent that is always available. You will be her number 1 priority!  She knows how to combine a buyer’s goals for purchasing a property with terms that make an offer to purchase very attractive to a seller. 

Molly will give you a competitive edge. She has a lot of creative and effective strategies she can use to make your offer shine. Molly claims that writing and negotiating a solid offer is like playing a good hand of poker – you need to know what cards to play and when to play them.

Molly has great relationships with many agents and is in-the-know about properties coming to market.  She is a tough negotiator, armed with previous sales experience at both Xerox Corporation and Johnson & Johnson. She will fight for her buyers, making sure that her buyer is protected and all terms are fair for everyone throughout the transaction. She is always available to her clients and quick to respond.  Molly will take care of you!


In today’s market, selling your home should be as stress-free as possible. In her 17 years of experience, She has made it her mission to simplify the home-selling process and advocate for her sellers to get them the best possible return on their home investment. By doing some early preparation and planning a go-to-market strategy that fits their needs, her sellers have seen their returns maximized while their stress was minimized.

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