Erin Fuhrmann

What you should know about me…

  1. I know houses and I absolutely love them.

I grew up the daughter of a landlord. We specialized in single family homes. I mowed lawns when I was 10 yo, scraped and painted when I was 13 yo, and even got up on a roof or two. (Turns out... I hate heights). As an adult I have a good understanding of the mechanics of a home, and how they impact a homeowner. 

  1. I’m honest, obedient, and loyal. 

My true goal here is to ensure that at the end of our time together you are happy, confident, and knowledgeable. I know that trust is earned, so me making broad claims about what you should believe about me does little. The only testament I have for this quality is the five years I spent in the Army on active duty. The U.S. Government trusted me enough to give me a security clearance. I promise to show you why that trust was not misplaced. 

  1. I’m gonna get you the best deal.

You want the best bang for your buck. Negotiation is not war, it's good communication. You want to be protected, have good terms, and of course… you don’t want to overpay. This is not just a home, but also an investment. Rest assured, I always keep the future in mind… After all, repeat clients are my favorite!

What clients are saying...