The Bailey Team


The Bailey Team - Bridget Behrens, Barb Bailey, Kim Antonelli & Phillip Bailey 

The Best in the Northshore!

The Bailey Team KNOWS the Northshore.  We don't just know it, we live in it! Our family roots go back to the one of the first real estate transactions in Milwaukee!  Our ancestor, Antoine LeClaire, sold his fur trading cabin to that newcomer, Solomon Juneau.

While Barb Bailey isn't quite that old, she has lived on the Northshore her entire life.  She and her husband, Tom Bailey, raised their 8 children in Whitefish Bay and Fox Point.

Bridget Bailey Behrens now lives in Fox Point with her husband and their two sons.

Kim Antonelli and Phillip Bailey live in Whitefish Bay and Glendale respectively. Obviously, we love the area!

Between us we have over 25 years of experience and combined sales of $157 million.  We are consistently among the top agents in the area.  We offer complimentary staging, award winning customer service and the benefits of the top real estate company in the state.

So if you want to LIST your home call any agent...
If you want to SELL your home call The Bailey Team, and let us show you what we can do for you!

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