Katie Gnau


Buying and selling real estate is, at its base, a transaction. But, I see it as more than that. Each buyer and each seller brings to the transaction their own personal story – a reason for moving and challenges that must be overcome in that transition. Likewise, each home has a story – How did it begin its life? What changes has it undergone? What lives have been lived within its walls? How might it change and adapt in the future? As your realtor, it is my goal to learn your story… and to help connect you to the ideal setting – a home - for that story.

I will:

  • take the time to listen to you about both what your goals are and why they are important
  • walk you through what to expect. As a former educator, I approach real estate with the heart of a teacher;
  • take care of appointments, contracts and other details with precision and care;
  • communicate clearly throughout the transaction – both with you and other parties to assure a smooth transaction;
  • and, address any individualized needs that might arise as we write the next chapter in your story. I look forward to learning your story.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how a change of address might impact your next chapter.

For more information you can also visit my website:  www.katiegnau.com

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