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Racine County Wisconsin

Located just south of Milwaukee County, Racine County Wisconsin is the sixth smallest county by size at just over 330 square miles. Racine County lies on the shores of Lake Michigan and has almost 15 miles of shoreline. Aside from its incredible outdoor opportunities, Racine County contains two cities known for their food — Racine is famous for its Kringle and Burlington is home to the Nestlé Chocolate Factory!

Real Estate in Racine County

Houses for sale in Racine County cover a wide variety of price points and architectural styles. Even within the City of Racine, there are vastly different types of properties for sale from neighborhood to neighborhood. Large single-family homes on spacious lots are just as prevalent as apartments and luxury condominiums in this friendly community. To get just a taste of Racine County’s real estate, drive down College Avenue in the City of Racine. On this gorgeous tree-lined street you’ll find Queen Anne styles, Colonial Revivals and Tudors, to name a few of types of houses for sale in Racine County. For spacious lots, farmhouses updated with modern amenities and luxurious lakefront homes, check out the real estate in Dover. In Burlington, you’ll find beautiful tree-lined streets with charming bungalows as well as large, single-family homes for sale. Nearby Caledonia offers ranches, farmhouses, colonials and updated mansions with a small town atmosphere.

Living in Racine County

Racine County has just as much variety in its activities as it does in its real estate. Outdoor enthusiasts love Racine County for its incredible fishing on Lake Michigan, over 100 miles of bike trails and even an area for scuba diving in Quarry Lake Park! Head over to River Bend Nature Center in the City of Racine for educational programs in stunning surroundings. Whether covered in snow or bathed in sunlight, the 78 acres of the River Bend Nature Center is one of the most beautiful places in Racine County for hiking, picnicking, bird watching and canoeing down the Root River.

Another fun activity in Racine County is the Racine Zoo! Hop on the Zoo Choo Express, the Racine Zoo’s train, and see all the animals throughout this 32-acre zoo. For some hands-on experience with the animals, be sure to visit during a feeding of the Zoo’s two giraffes, Mac and Bo. If a slightly shorter animal suits you, sign up for the Camel Encounters. During these fun events, you can feed two camels, Hugo and Stella, and touch their humps and shoulders!

If your interests are more in the vein of the arts, Racine County has plenty to offer you as well! Home to both the oldest continuous orchestra in the state, the Racine Symphony Orchestra, and the oldest community theater, the Malt House Theater in Burlington. Racine County has a history of supporting the arts. For your inner art critic, check out the Racine Art Museum or the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, an offshoot of the Racine Art Museum.

Of course, Racine County is well known for its food, including the City of Racine’s Kringle and the Nestlé Chocolate Factory in Burlington. It’s been said that the air in Burlington is always sweet with the scent of chocolate. Certainly, its residents celebrate chocolate in as many ways as possible, through their Chocolate Museum and Chocolate Fest! The City of Racine’s world famous Kringle, a flakey Danish pastry is filled with everything from fruit to nuts to chocolate. Recently, Racine’s Kringle attracted none other than President Barack Obama, who stopped in Racine to taste and see firsthand just what made Racine so special.

Schools in Racine County

Students in Racine County benefit from the Burlington Area School District in Burlington, the Raymond School District in Franksville and Raymond, the Muskego-Norway School District which serves Norway and nearby Muskego and the Racine Unified School District, which serves Caledonia, Elmwood Park, Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant and Wind Point. Additionally, Racine County is serviced by Union Grove graded, middle and high schools, the Waterford Graded School District in Waterford and the Yorkville J2 School District, which features one of the few remaining schools that is K-8. The Racine Unified School District, the largest district in Racine County, focuses on rigorous academics, athletics and artistic accomplishments. Racine County’s proximity to Milwaukee provides plenty of secondary education opportunities, such as Marquette University, University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Business in Racine County

Racine County boasts a bustling business community of its own, despite its close proximity to competitive Milwaukee and Chicago. Racine County is home to SC Johnson, In-Sink-Erator, the Nestlé Midwestern Headquarters and CNH America, to name a few. In addition to these large employers, Racine County is full of small businesses. The Racine County Chamber of Commerce brings these large and small employers together to form a cohesive business community in Racine County.

History of Racine County

Initially, Woodland Indians lived on the land that would become Racine County. French fur traders and missionaries came to the area during the 17th century and began to settle in the area at that time. Racine County gained notoriety during the Civil War as strong supporters of the Union. In fact, Racine County was home to a leg of the Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape to freedom.

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