Want to Know How to Attract a Higher Home Sale Price?

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In the April/May Issue of Realtor magazine, there was an excerpt from HomeGain’s 2011 Home Sale Maximizer survey on what is worth fixing up when selling your home. Looking for low cost values, home sellers might be interested in these low cost return on investments.

We all know that a good cleaning (you know the kind where you get out the toothbrush for those hard to reach corners) is a must, but did you know it could net you an additional $2,000 in income?

What about those that “don’t do windows?” Well, you might be missing out on an additional $1,550 to brighten up the place!

We all have heard about “staging” for the past few years. But sellers can spend approximately $550 on a few enhancers and expect to get back over $2,000. Happy shopping (is what I say).

Let’s go outside for a minute. Do you need a few bags of mulch this season to patch up a bed or hire a professional to trim back bushes and trees? You could see another $2,000 in your pocket.

So spruce up your landscaping, clean your carpets, and fix that leaky faucet. Sometimes it’s the little things that get noticed and can yield you a big payoff for your efforts.

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