The Milwaukee Lakefront-Things to do, see and eat!!

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The Milwaukee Lakefront is beautiful, no matter what time of year, but the summer season seems to be when most people decide to check the area out. What to do when at the lakefront? Well, put on your most comfortable shoes and park the car at the far end of Lake Drive. If you start at the north end, you can walk the beach, check out the lifeguards and swimmers, maybe wade in the water yourself for awhile. There are volleyball nets and there is always someone interested in playing, but get there early as they seem to fill up fast and be used most of the day.

When it comes to eating on the walk, you have several choices. There is the snack bar for late morning munchies which is right on the beach and near the volleyball nets. As you continue to walk south, you will find a favorite eatery of mine during the summer: Northpoint. It serves the tradional American meal: burgers, fries and shakes (custard and more). It is seasonal and opens May 21st, I can’t wait!! This is an outdoor restaurant with no indoor seating, but they do provide picnic benches to sit down and take your time eating. If that is not of interest, keep on walking, and just a little bit further down and on the west side of the street you will come to Alterra. You can stop and relax outside or in and have a cup of coffee, sandwich and dessert. If you sit outside you have the opportunity to watch people playing tennis to the north or see the boats and club to the east.

Don’t sit too long as we have more to explore! If you continue to the south, you will then come upon Veteran’s Park, where you will see rollerbladders, bikers, kiteflying, people picnicing, etc. You are able to rent bikes, skates, kites and paddleboats at specific areas in the park. If you are interested in a more in depth learning experience, there is a segway tour of Milwaukee’s Lakefront. Click here for more information.

But, you’re not finished yet! Oh, no.. you have to continue your walk past the Milwaukee Art Museum, stop and look at the Calatrava and see if the wings have moved. Are they open or closed? Continue on as you pass the new Bartollotta’s Restaurant: Harbor House. Discovery World is just across the street, and is something I will be specifically writing about soon. They have so many activities for the summer and a great place for families to hang out and have fun together!

We are still not finished! Keep going south, and you will find Lakeshore State Park. It is a beautiful place to stop and sit, look out over the lake or the city. In this park there are native grass/flower areas to enjoy, listening to the birds and the many insects.

And, last but not least, I cannot forget Maier Festival Park, the place with the world famous Summerfest. Click here to view all the festivals and activities at the Park. At the bottom of the page, click “events” and it will provide you with a Calendar of Events for 2011. First activity this year is the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts which will be held on June 5th.

Have fun!!

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