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The Market is Always Better in Spring!

Sometimes the more you say something the more you believe it to be true. If numbers don’t lie then let’s take a look at what actually happens year after year. From the graph you can see that the inventory levels …
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Now Search for Properties for Sale on Facebook

Shorewest, Realtors® adds unique Factbook app, allowing users to search for properties without leaving Facebook Shorewest, Realtors® is a company known for its innovative technologies, including such things as apps for the iPhone and Droid, mobile website and textable hotline. …
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Thinking about a career in real estate? Attend our free career webinar.

Please join us for an online seminar about how to get started in real estate.  Plus, save money on licensing tuition by attending. Here’s what you can expect to learn: How to get your Real Estate License. What a Real …
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Homes are still good investments!

There is no doubt that the burst housing bubble continues to have a dramatic effect on the real estate market. Wisconsin and more closely, Waukesha County feel the devastating consequences of the foreclosure market. Waukesha County Sheriff’s department has processes …
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Reality hits Real Estate – Solution: Sell Low and Buy Lower

As a Realtor, my objectives when selling a property are rather straight forward: Sell my client’s property as quickly as possible for the best possible price. For years, home buyers have purchased homes with belief that when it came time …
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