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Your Most Common Home Seller Questions…Answered!

Selling your home comes with a long list of things you do and don’t know about the process. It also is a very hard journey to take without a Realtor. That’s why your Shorewest, REALTOR® is here for you and …
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Five Spring Fix-Ups That Will Help Save Money

Spring is upon us! That means helping our homes and yards out after the long winter treatment. These are easy fixes that will help maintain your yard to be the best it can be. Stain the Fence. The winter sunlight …
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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Photo Shoot

Selling your home is a happy time in your life! Moving on to a new house to make a home, new decorations and paint colors to choose, everything is moving forward. We just can’t forget about our current home and …
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Home Tasks to Complete for Spring!

Spring officially starts this month, and every day is closer to warmer weather, green grass and new life. While spring seems far away from southeastern Wisconsin right now, there are some great spring maintenance tips to keep in mind as …
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What Do People Say About Your Home When You’re Not There?

We all know that putting our home on the market is like putting a piece of ourselves out in the world to be judged. While we think that most of the reactions will consist of oohs and aahs, this is …
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Five Design Trends to Look for in 2016

A new year means new design novelties! Keep up-to-date on what’s to come in 2016. You will definitely want to incorporate these hot new trends into your home! Indoor/Outdoor Fabric No longer will you have to choose fashion over sensibility! …
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Resource Video: Homeowners Edition

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing Today’s video centers on signs that your windows may need replacing. Windows are important features that protect your home’s interior from the weather; they provide a view into the outside world and improve your energy …
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14 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Now that it is finally getting a little colder out, you will want to make sure your home is not only ready for the snow, but the cold weather too! These tips will help protect your investment and can save …
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5 Tips and Tricks for your Home to Fall into Winter

  It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! Fall! Get ready for this cozy season by making sure that your home and yard are in tip top shape. First time home buyers make sure to take note! Taking care of …
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Shorewest Shares: How To Hide Clutter

Your clutter may add up fast, but there are ways you can hide it! Here are 10 ways you can hide you clutter: 1. Get rid of your coat rack. Coat racks may be beneficial when you first walk in …
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