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Shorewest Preview: Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome home to all motorcyclists and visitors who are in Milwaukee celebrating 110 years with Harley-Davidson. The kick-off celebration started last year, and riders all over the world have racked up over one million miles on Harley-Davidson bikes, from the …
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Harley Davidson Museum and the Milwaukee Fine Furnishings and Fine Craft show, Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd

Haven’t gotten to the Harley Davidsom Museum? Here is a great excuse to go and see two exciting exhibits in one. After looking at all of the Harley Davidson artifacts in their museum building, why not stay and check out …
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Public Beer Sampling at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Oh, I knew that would get the attention of so many of you…Put Harley-Davidson and beer together and it’s almost as good as chocolate and wine!! What’s this all about? What is on tap? It’s the 2nd Annual Milwaukee’s Taste …
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