Shorewest Shares: How to Create a Jar of Good Things

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mason jar


  • Mason Jar
  • Paper
  • Pen

This is really quite simple, but the idea behind it is amazing. As we start each New Year, we reflect back on the previous year. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember all the good that happened throughout the year. We tend to solely remember the things that didn’t go as planned, or the not-so-fun-stuff.

This year, leave your Mason jar (or jars) out where you can see it and every time something good happens, write it down and place in the jar. You can fill it with accomplishments, things you are thankful for, health milestones, friends you have made, memories you want to cherish, anything good! This way when it comes to end of the next year, you can reflect on the positive that has happened to you and your family.



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