Shorewest Reports: Tips for Moving with your Pets

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When moving into a new home, there is stress that comes through the process. To minimize the amount of discomfort for both you and your pet, take some time to prepare and plan your move. Focusing on the before, during and after the move will make everything easier and safer for your animal companion.

Pack over time. Take the time to separate out what you want to keep and what you want to give away. If you are in a hurry, your pet will pick up on your anxiety. Pets also tend to like things the way they are tearing up your home over a short period of time can really upset an animal.
Research pet laws and regulations. Remember to look up laws and regulations about owning a pet in your new area. You may need to register the animal, pay a certain fee or meet different vaccinations.
Talk to your vet. If you are moving far enough away from your vet, you might want to get a recommendation for a new vet in your area. If your pet suffers from anxiety, the vet can prescribe some medication to help during the moving and transition.
Update all pet information. Your pet should have a good collar that is unlikely to slip off. Update your pet’s id tag with your new information including how they can contact you in case of emergency. If your pet is micro-chipped, be sure to contact the company that stores that information to provide an update.
Prepare your new home. Scan the fence for any holes or gaps that the animal could easily get through. Make sure there is no leftover poison out where a dog could get to it. Doing a general safety and security check will make you more comfortable about letting your animal loose. Depending on the personality of your pets, you may find that they are frightened or confused at the new environment.
Make a travel kit. Set aside a small supply of food for your pet, along with its bed, toys and any other things that you will want quick access to.
• Secure the pet in your vehicle when traveling. A kennel or carrier is the best option for traveling.
• Start small. With dogs and cats, it is often best to start small in the new home, one room at a time.
• Meet the neighbors. Consider taking your pet around with you as you to go introduce yourself to your neighbors. Dogs love to explore and smell new smells, so it will reduce the stress of the move.

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