Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

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Everybody loves a clean house! It’s easier to live, work and play in a place where you are not constantly being distracted by messes. Cleaning your home helps streamline efficiency, decrease headaches and makes day-to-day life easier. You may have found organizational inspiration on Pinterest or other blogs, but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you and your home lifestyle. Here are the top organizing mistakes that may be actually hindering your home’s functionality:

1. Confusing ‘clean’ with being ‘organized’. You have made the change that instead of your mess being spread out over the entire counter, it is now separated into neat piles. Yet somehow you still feel stressed about looking at it. If this is the case, you may need a different tactic! Sort mail into a bin, hang kid’s projects on a separate bulletin board and put art supplies into a cupboard. Being organized and clean can make a huge difference!

2. Keeping counters too clear. Not sure you’ve ever heard this one before but the purpose of organization is to create livable space. If there is nothing on your counters, you will spend more time bringing out and putting away your coffee maker than sitting at your table enjoying your cup of joe. It is easier to keep clean and organized if you have what you need at hand and everything has a designated spot.shutterstock_494069873. Containers that become junk receptacles. Throwing your things into a box or drawer doesn’t make it organized. Consider that each drawer, cabinet and shelf is a container. Take it a step further by adding additional containers within them greatly increasing your organizational habits. Using bins, baskets, tin cans, stackable bins and dividers will help keep things better contained and easily found.

4. Letting every room have some toys. For families with children, life is chaotic and toys can end up becoming an unwanted focal point. It is easy for the entire home to become a playground, try limiting playing to one or two rooms to increase cleanliness and coordination.

5. Decorating a space with everything you love. The problem with packing a room full of pieces you love is that it can look cluttered and closed-in. Hopefully you love every room in your home, and it is good to spread that love around. Move your decorative pieces from the one shelf in your living room to your laundry room and office area. Those four comfy chairs you have in the dining room are wonderful, but move some to the bedroom for a sitting area if possible.

6. “Oh I’ll do that tomorrow”. Organization is a learned habit and so is procrastination! Staying organized is easy to do if you do something small every day. It is continuous maintenance but also saves you time in the end! For every hour you spend organizing, you save three-to-four hours of searching and frustration.

Organization can be hindering if you are employing the wrong tactics. Tackling a project a day can make it into a repeat action. This in turn can create awareness that you are organizing without thinking, and make it manageable!

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