“Must Have,” “Must See,” “Must Do” for Summerfest

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I was talking to my coworker, Kenna, yesterday and we were discussing going to Summerfest.

I told her I had the “to do” list… “Must have,” “Must See,” “Must Do.” Anyone who has ever been there can understand what I’m saying… What does your list consist of? Mine? Well…

“Must Have:”

I gotta have several of the same food items every year:

  • Saz’s Mozarella Sticks-my once a year indulgence!! THIS IS MY APPETIZER!! It is located at the Northwestern Mutual Children’s Area/Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat Sportzone.
  • NEXT is my main course-now this has changed almost every year, but each time I have enjoyed the food. Depending on where you are in summerfest when you decide you are really hungry and ready for your “big meal,” I would suggest:
  • Mader’s, Rupena’s (Miller Lite Oasis), Usinger’s Wurst Garden (Ethnic Village), Greek Village(a couple different areas). I have been to the restaurant “La Perla” and love their food there, so I can just imagine it is just as good at the Summerfest Grounds.
  • For dessert it’s a given. I usually go for two different places. Cedar Crest (ice cream), which is back to the Northwestern Mutual Children’s area and also the Strudel that is made right there. I’m not sure if the company’s name is Rudy’s? I know they are from out of state and so I make sure I get several different kinds and take them home for future enjoyment.

Okay, for “Must See,” that changes every year depending on the bands.

  • This year I am definitely going to be there to see Meatloaf perform! I grew up listening to his albums (yes, back then it was albums.. and 8 tracks- and yes, I just dated myself!!). I can hardly wait to see him finally live (though his hair is cut and he has lost a lot of weight-not the same Meatloaf)!!
  • Other oldies, but goodies-REO Speedwagon, Panic! at the disco, George Clinton, Styx, Maroon 5 (!!!awesome!!!), Loretta Lynn.. I could go on and on. Click here for the best place to look for the complete lineup.

And last, but not least-“Must Do:”

  • I love going over by the US Marines area to watch the guys and girls try to do pull ups. I was an athlete, but was never good at doing them, so I am always impressed with anyone who can do more than one!!
  • And, the most fun thing to do anytime of day and night is going on the “ski lift.” Going from one end of the grounds to the next and looking over everything is so much fun!!

Whatever you have, whatever you see, and whatever you do, I’m sure you will have a blast!!

As always, your feedback is welcome!!

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