More Fresh Vegetables from Your Garden than You Can Eat?

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Donate Them to Your Local Food Pantry

As summer begins to wind down, vegetable gardens continue to be in full swing. If you’re finding yourself knee deep in zucchini squash, pickles, tomatoes or any other fresh vegetables and can’t eat another one, consider donating it to your local food pantry.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Check with your local food pantry to see if they accept fresh produce. Click here to find a food pantry near you.
  2. Only donate high-quality, fresh picked vegetables and fruit. Don’t include vegetables that are overripe or have insect damage.
  3. Safely handle produce to avoid bruising.
  4. Gently wipe as much dirt and mud off the produce before donating. Do not wash/rinse as it will remove the protective coating and cause the vegetable to spoil sooner.
  5. Separate each type of vegetable rather than putting them all in one container.

Any little bit you can donate goes a long way. According to Feeding America, one in nine adults in Wisconsin struggle with hunger while one in six children struggle with it. Why not take your bountiful harvest and share it with those in need?

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