Making Your Top 10 Wish List During a Relocation

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Buying a house across town versus across country may present a different set of criteria when choosing a home. For instance, you will already be familiar with roads and highways when moving across town, but not in a relocation situation. However, you will still want to know your commute time in either case.

After working with transferees for many years, there are a few items transferees always considered to be critical when choosing a new home:

  1. Schools– even if the transferee does not have children, school districts are considered for the resale of the home down the line. (For southeastern Wisconsin’s most recent school report, click here.)
  2. Commute Times– and I don’t mean miles to work. I’m talking about how much time it will it take to get to work. People living in Los Angeles “speak this language” when asked how far something is. They don’t say… “Five miles…” they say “20 minutes.” We need to be careful about quoting commutes in miles as it means something different in every city.
  3. Community/Lifestyle– what kind of community feel is important? A neighborhood with sidewalks? One with parks and grocery stores nearby? Or one in the country with horses you pass on the way home and deer tracks in your new flower bed?
  4. House– Okay – so did you notice we haven’t even talked about the house until now? Realtors are good at finding the perfect house for you…..that’s easy. But first, we need to know “where” you want to live. So, numbers 4-10 are about your dream house. You can fill in the blanks here…..# of Bedrooms, # of Baths, a swimming pool, a heated garage, price range. You name it.

And yes, you are allowed to change any of the above criteria and number them in the order of most importance to you. Once you get a “feel” of the communities, have done your “school” homework, know the path to your new job, the perfect house becomes yours. Enjoy!

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