How to Entertain This Holiday Season in Your Snug Space

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You might be hosting Thanksgiving or another holiday gathering soon and are worried about your smaller home accommodating friends and family. Here are some great tips to help organize your space so you spend your time enjoying your loved ones, rather than stressing about space.



  • Organize food in a logical serving pattern. Serve your largest items, such as the main course, first. For thanksgiving, we recommend turkey, followed by stuffings, then sides, with gravy and butter on the table so you don’t slow down guests.
  • Cook before your guests arrive. No one wants to spend their holiday in the kitchen. Be sure to plan ahead for timing with a great holiday spreadsheet like this one from former caterer Jenny Steffens Hobick.
  • If guests are bringing food, assign them dishes that can come fully cooked with little-to-no reheat time. Keeping your ovens open for your use is essential to keep the timeline running smoothly.
  • Wash dishes and pans as you go. Counter space is limited, so be sure that they are clear of any clean or dirty dishes and put away as needed.

Set Up

  • Set up stations for drinks and appetizers away from the kitchen. Use a different area of your home, especially unused corners to stash mini-bars or appetizer stations around the house.
  • Borrow or rent furniture for holiday gatherings. You probably have limited storage, so be mindful of neighbors or relatives that could bring additional furniture or serving pieces. If you’re still short, consider renting anything you may need, from larger items to stemware.
  • Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture for the evening. If you need to move your dining room table to the living room, do it! Make your table the focus of your home if the meal is a focus of your holiday celebration.
  • Get creative with furniture you already have. Clear off bookshelves to make room for plates and utensils so everything is focused on one room.

Have a happy holiday season from everyone at Shorewest.

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