Eight Things To Do With Your Family This Fall

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There are lots of great seasonal activities to do with your family before winter hits! Here’s a list of things to accomplish this weekend:

1. Go Apple Picking. After spending time together picking apples, make it a family activity to cut them up and make your favorite treats together. This outing is both fun and tasty!applepicking2. Do a Service Project Together. Whether you want to help those in need in your community (a food bank, drop-center, soup kitchen, church, etc.) or less formally (delivering a meal to a neighbor or picking up litter in your neighborhood), make time to volunteer as a whole family.  Volunteering as a family can happen any time of the year, but many organizations request extra volunteers during the fall to prepare for a season of high demand.

3. Visit a Farm. Visiting a farm during harvest season while the weather is beautiful can be incredibly rewarding.  Your family can see the crops and methods used to grow food, which can help your children picture where their food comes from. There is also usually pumpkin picking, hayrides or more fun to be had!

4. Take a Drive. Pack a picnic and hit the open road. Have fun playing road games!

5. Take a Hike. With the leaves changing colors, there’s lot of beauty to behold outdoors. For a list of local hiking trails, click here.fall hike6. Do a Creative Project Together. Go outside and grab some natural elements and have fun creating your own masterpiece! Otherwise head to our Pinterest page for some fun projects!

7. Rake Leaves Together. Build a pile and jump in the leaves! Easy, free and fun!Throwing Leaves8. Build a Scarecrow. Make a scarecrow together using at least one piece of clothing from every family member. Make sure to give them a fun name!

Fall is a wonderful time to reconnect with family and enjoy each other’s company. What is your family’s favorite fall activity? #ShorewestRealtors #Fall #Family

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