Cooler Near the Lake

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Yesterday, I was setting up an appointment with a client who wanted to meet outdoors to take advantage of the sunny afternoon.  I called a few restaurants to make sure their patio seating was open for the season.  Thinking that it would be more convenient to meet downtown, I called Water Buffalo along the river in the 3rd Ward. The hostess informed me the outdoor seating was indeed open, but it was a little chilly.  Hmmm…that’s interesting, I thought.

So, I called a few others near our offices in Brookfield, Wisconsin about 15 miles west of downtown and the lakefront, and several said they were open and it was nice enough to sit outside.  We chose Bravo at Brookfield Square since it would be easy to find and park.  To our surprise, the afternoon on their patio was perfect.  The sun warmed while the shade cooled, but with a balance to make it comfortable for both to sit outside and have our meeting.  The tables along the side of the building (versus toward the front) provided some nice privacy and you didn’t even feel like you were at a mall with the parking hidden and the flowering apple trees in bloom.

Locals in Milwaukee have learned to appreciate “Cooler near the Lake” and enjoy the reprise of the lake breeze in the heat of the summer.  So, as we venture towards our long awaited warmer weather, use your compass to help gage just how warm or cool you want to be as you head “Cooler near the Lake.”

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