A Lunch to Remember

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Normally, I write about housing topics. However, I would like to tell a story about service since it’s what a seller pays for when selling real estate and a buyer receives when purchasing a home.

While in Chicago the other day, I had to make a decision as to where to go for lunch. I thought I would make lunch my main meal of the day and go somewhere a bit special.

I chose on my day to enjoy the beautiful outdoor patio of the Peninsula Hotel. Now, real estate-wise, it is a beautiful piece of property-striking golden marble floors in lobby, thick oriental carpets, large outdoor patio with plush, comfortable, peaceful seating.

When I was to be seated, the host asked my name for reference. Shortly after being seated, the bus boy addressed me as Ms. Rossetto and would I like bottled water or tap?

Then, the waiter came to take my order and again addressed me by name, welcomed me and proceeded to treat me as though I was a guest at his home. I ordered my drink and entree and remarked to myself that the tab was going to be similar to a bill from a number of chain restaurants where I have also dined.

Yet at a loud noisy chain, not only does no one ask for my name or call me by my name, the servers don’t even introduce themselves to me! The service is rushed and the servers ask questions in a robotic way, rather than in a genuine, caring way.

Think about where you spend your money. Yes, often times we are buying a product, however, part of the product should include the service and the experience. Go get the most for your money when listing your home or when purchasing one. After all, you’ve worked hard for it!

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