17 Hacks To Get Your House Sold

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Many sellers believe that their house is perfect, and they can’t imagine why it wouldn’t sell exactly like it is now. That is often the cause of homes that go unsold while others fly off the market. This includes too much clutter and personalization, outdated décor and fixtures. These 17 hacks will help you get your house sold:

1. Look at your home with fresh eyes. Start by going outside and ringing your door bell —first impressions mean everything. Too much clutter, personalization and dirty floors are noticed by potential buyers and can keep you from getting a good offer on your home.

2. Organize your bookshelves. Bookshelves that are neatly stacked will keep your room from looking like there’s clutter everywhere. If you have lots of books, take half out and start putting them in boxes.

3. Start removing picture frames and knick-knacks.

4. Declutter your closets. Closets that are overfilled are a turn-off for buyers. You want your house to look like it has ample space for storage.

5. Clean your bathroom. You might be surprised at how dirty your bathroom is.

6. Clean the inside of your drawers. People will open them.

7. Clean up your backyard. If you have a pet, it’s important you clean up after them.

8. Tidy up animal cages. Take care of any visible waste and odors.

9. Check odors. People will look, touch and smell around your house. Make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies before a showing.

10. Make sure you have a good first impression. A clean welcome mat, fresh flowers, no leaves or weeds and a clean walkway will leave a good impression in a potential buyer’s mind.

11. Look around you. Look up, down and side to side. Dirty light fixtures or baseboards can put a bad taste in a potential buyer’s mouth. Cleaning and painting baseboards is one of the quickest, easiest and most impactful changes to make a space feel brighter.

12. Check windows, doors and anything else that can easily be fixed.

13. Remove dirty clothes. It’s best if you remove your laundry basket.

14. Remove dirty dishes.

15. Clean your oven and microwave.

16. Clean the blinds and drapes.

17. Make your bed.

For more ways you can sell your home, call your Shorewest Agent today!

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