Marvin Paluszynski & Dianna Peccarelli
Marvin Paluszynski & Dianna Peccarelli
Broker Associate, ASP, CREN, CSRS, SFR
The Father Daughter Realty Team

Shorewest - South Metro
Office: 414.386.7028
Work Fax: 262.782.3498

Buying a Home

To many people, the "American Dream" includes owning a home. Though the prospect of buying a home is exciting, it can also seem a bit overwhelming. Let us help simplify the home buying journey for you.

Get Pre-Approved/Apply for a Loan

Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation's Loan Officers can pre-approve your mortgage before you start house hunting. A pre-approval is a guaranty that you can qualify for financing to a maximum purchase price and loan amount. This enables you to write a stronger Offer to Purchase. In a competitive market, this could mean the difference between acceptance of your offer rather than that of another buyer. When you apply for a loan, be sure to get a good faith estimate of your closing costs. To get pre-approved or apply on-line, click here.

Make an Offer

Once you've found the home that's right for you, it's time to write an Offer to Purchase. Writing the offer is an exciting, emotional and complicated experience. You'll be glad you have us at your side, an experienced Shorewest Sales Associate who can help you through each part of the process.

Meet Your Home Service Coordinator

We will introduce you to your personal Home Services Coordinator (HSC). Your HSC will work with you to provide information and services you need before, during and after your move. From contacting movers to transferring your utilities, your HSC is here to help.

Order a Home Inspection

A professional home inspector is essential. A home inspector sees beyond the "cosmetics" and surveys the entire house, including structure, roof, exterior and major systems (heating, plumbing, cooling, electrical, ventilation, etc.).

Attend Closing Day

Congratulations, today you will become a homeowner! Remember, our full service continues right through the closing day. At the closing, you will settle all the financial details, the title to your new home will be conveyed and usually you will receive the keys to your new home.